Wednesday, January 14, 2009


January, cold, wet and seemingly forever away from the last warm, tropical day when I took this October 08 picture in our backyard. I have realized even to a greater extent the resort that I find myself within on this property. Diana and I are caretakers of what was entrusted to us, and it becomes our retreat.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

8th Grade Grads!

We can't believe our kids are graduated. We hosted an 8th grade party and had 12-fourteen year old's in the house. Movies, Xbox and pizza ruled the night, with the two parents trying to get people quiet at about 3am for a couple of hours sleep before parents began pick-up in the morning. Night air was brisk, about 60 degrees, but kids STILL ventured into the pool, and then to the fire pit! Ian had plenty of room for guys in sleeping bags in his room, Diana slept among the non-stop verbiage of the girls in the living room.

The morning soon came with a light mist in the air, and a sun that seemed like a magnifying glass, increasing the intensity of morning light by a factor of 5, stirring the graduated zombies and sending them stumbling and moaning with dark-circled eyes in a rabid search for pop-tarts and cold pizza. Ahh yes, a great time was had by all .

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 2008

What an incredible month! We are now caretakers of our oaisis-home, we are married and have 2 thriving, monkeys (I mean 14-year old's ) swinging from the rafters everyday after school. Soon they graduate from 8th grade and we have parties, wedding receptions coming up in June and a summer of amazing life events. And now we have started on a blogspot to document and share life as it happens for us all!